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We Simplify your Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO is the engagement where client outsources recruitment processes to a vendor for the benefits of better quality of hire, reduced time to fill, improved administrative processes and management reporting on key business metrics. Schellden brings to clients significant cost savings and improvements in the quality of their recruitment, which has made the process more effective and efficient.

Schellden manages client’s all, or part of their recruitment needs. Schellden then provides the client with the necessary skills, tools and technologies to serve as their client's internal recruiting department.

Companies use Schellden RPO for:

  • Ongoing general recruitment needs
  • Company start-ups
  • Major projects

As a business partner, Schellden manages the recruitment process for clients. Our solutions include process analysis and design; complete recruitment process outsourcing; and onsite staffing programmers. Our approach focuses on improving processes and recruiting efficiency streamlining critical hiring.

HR Solutions

As a HR Solutions provider, Schellden has the experience, people, processes & local knowledge to take care of various HR Functions. This include payroll process outsourcing, permanent recruitment, contract recruitment & recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

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Comprehensive IT portfolio

Managed IT infrastructure, Big data, Application integration, Dynamics CRM etc;

Wide pool of skilled resources

Access to our wide pool of skilled resources. Data scientist, BI architect, Data Analyst, TIBCO Architect, CRM Consultant etc.

Keen on optimizing your budget

We help you to get equipped with latest technology in a minimum budget.

Committed support

We have years of experience in servicing major clients in Asia pacific region. We are committed to give you the best support you require