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We Simplify your Server Management

Monitor your server and ensure high uptime and performance. Your business needs servers run at their optimum speed and run without down time. Monitoring the components like CPU usage, memory utilization, processes, data growth, disk I/O will help you to achieve the same. Detailed reports on these parameters will help us to take timely actions. We need to get send E-mail or SMS alarms to act upon. Smart monitoring services ensure the deployment of right software tools for the environment and skilled resources.

Application Server Monitoring 

We ensure that the performance of your business applications are not compromised. We monitor the Key performance indicators which includes Memory Usage, health of the hardware which is being used by the application. We ensure that the issues if any are taken care and fixed to ensure that the application is up and running throughout. We support application servers like JBOSS, Sharepoint

Webserver Monitoring 

Do you hear complaints from your customers who use your website regularly that it is slow? Smartsoft can offer you Monitoring service for your Web server to make sure minimal down time and issues. We can check the health of the hardware and can fix if there are any issues to offer your customers the best response time. We identify the actual reason behind a downtime with Root Cause Analysis so as to give you the best result.