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We Simplfy your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2016 (MOSS 2016) projects

Document management with SharePoint Server

Document management is a very difficult task when you have many users and when your organization becomes larger. Besides, document integrity should be ensured. User level security is another important criterion such as only an authorized person should access the data, edit the data, or save the modifications. So you require a structured work flow to incorporate approval system, version management etc. We will give the right workflow to your system which will lead to a stream lined business process.

Digital repository

There are different digital repository systems like DSpace, Greenstone which offers bibliographical search. These systems require submission of the files through an interface and go to their proprietary database. Share point gives you an easy interface to the user not different from normal saving of their data. We will ensure an easy system to keep all of your data with ease and retrieved in no time.

Personalized content delivery

We will customize pages for each user and will get the information they require. This helps you to increase the productivity and stream line your business process and operations.

Business intelligence

You like friendly and visually appealing pages to see your business data and analysis. We will give various output forms to easily visualization of your business status. We will create web parts and plugins to interface with your CRM, ERP to bring the data to the intranet portal.

Streaming media

We will give you an intranet portal capable of storing and retrieving media files easily. Besides we will give browser interface and client media player interface to give you streaming media.

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Comprehensive IT portfolio

Managed IT infrastructure, Big data, Application integration, Dynamics CRM etc;

Wide pool of skilled resources

Access to our wide pool of skilled resources. Data scientist, BI architect, Data Analyst, TIBCO Architect, CRM Consultant etc.

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We help you to get equipped with latest technology in a minimum budget.

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We have years of experience in servicing major clients in Asia pacific region. We are committed to give you the best support you require