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We Simplify your Big Data Projects

Schellden will be your trusted partner to guide you through these complex endeavours, increasing chances of successful implementation, while potentially generating significant return on investment through efficiency gains and new opportunities.

Data Strategy:

The goal is to identify current challenges and break them down into logical steps, suggest executable solutions, with a comprehensive project plan that aims to generate immediate impact while delivering on the longer term vision. Some sample challenges and solutions are shown below:

How Schellden adds business value:

  • You understand the problem, but do not have budget to solve it

We can help with making effective business case to increase your likelihood of securing the funds.

  • You have budget and vision, but do not know how to get there

We can help you reach the goal/goals by evaluating your current business landscape, breaking the problem down to transparent and implementable chunks of work, and into a comprehensive project plan. At this stage you have the option to engage us or other vendors for implementation.

  • You have budget, vision, and plan, but not enough resources to execute

We can fill short term resourcing gaps from our network of scientists and engineers. Once the project has gained momentum and right resources are in place, you have the option to discontinue with the contractors.

Current challenges

  • Do not have a complete view of current state of my business
  • Too much time and resource spent in collecting data and reporting
  • Not sure how to use available data to plan for future
  • Do not know who my most profitable customers are


  • Build a dashboard to monitor the pulse of my business
  • Minimize operational inefficiencies in data handling and reporting, by automation and process changes
  • Build algorithms to recommend decisions
  • Build supervised learning algorithm to identify most profitable customers

Getting there

  • Do I have sufficient budget to achieve this
  • What can be achieved in a constrained budget
  • What type of resources will I require to achieve this
  • Audit of available data sources and investigation of external data sources
  • Comprehensive project plan to generate immediate impact while delivering on long term goals
  • Decision to build a data mart or a data warehouse
  • Audit of current technology stack

How we do it?

Schellden helps you to improve operational efficiency and lower risk with enterprise data solutions. Our expert Data Scientists deliver Big Data and Analytics services to help you strengthen your IT foundation and enable accelerated growth.

Schellden advantage includes:

  • Simple data discovery
  • Faster data processing
  • Secure access and sharing files
  • Superior performance
  • Seamless scalability
  • Improved productivity

Schellden’s Big Data Architects can help you cull and process:

  • Textual data from social media and investigations
  • Structured data from CRM
  • Claims and policies and audio and video data from call centres and customer interactions.

This data is then validated, co-related, refined and secured by Schellden’s Data Scientists to offer you valuable business intelligence insights and big data analytics.

  • What our team of Domain / Industry experts, Advisory Consultants, Data Scientists, and Architects do:
  • Accelerate value delivery and provide clarity on the expected deliverables.
  • Focus on product evaluation and performance benchmarking
  • Provide innovative industry-tailored frameworks to meet your unique domain needs
  • Use domain specific KPI toolkits for Big Data Tools and advanced analytical techniques to create predictive models
  • Identify the pain points and current gaps and set expectations
  • Choose the right sources to extract clean data and identify the data distribution insights and outlier records to provide recommendations for the next best actions.

Big Data is a key pillar of Schellden’s vision to enable innovation. Join Schellden and we can begin to bring ideas to life and define a roadmap for success.