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If the data strategy has been defined, the next decision is to build a data platform to enable reporting and analysis. The decision may be build data marts to support specific reports and analysis, to generate immediate impact. This is often a cheaper option when there is not enough budget for enterprise wide data integration.

Some use cases are listed below:

  • Need a high quality integrated data set to support a weekly analytical model refresh
  • Need high quality data daily to track digital campaign performance eg. daily view of a campaign across multiple digital channels.
  • Need high quality data to support a weekly sales dashboard, to be used for decision making.
  • The expected deliverables can be (but not limited to) as below:
  • Project Management
  • Understanding and agreement of requirements
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities
  • Audit of data and systems landscape
  • Project proposal, and agreement of scope and costing
  • Data collection and analysis, and review of scope
  • Feed building and management
  • Data architecture design and management
  • Data mart design, development, testing and deployment
  • Provision of data mart access