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The ITSM Service by Schellden is aimed at anyone who wants to tackle specific challenges in the field of IT Service Management: You want to improve your service delivery? You have to lower your ITSM costs? Your IT does not work hand in hand with the business requirements and you want to improve the IT-Business Alignment? Then our ITSM compass will help you: Within the scope of an IT Service Management Assessment, which focuses on the specific challenges and needs of your IT operation, we develop meaningful -and feasible –solution proposals.

  • Analysis of the alignment of the IT and business strategy
  • Adaptation proposals for the applied IT-Operation Model resp.
  • Recommendation on the ideal maturity degree of the individual processes
  • Support in the evaluation of the tools
  • Presentation with prioritized goals and actions for your ITSM
  • Optimization of IT processes
  • Determination of the savings potential within your IT operation
  • Driving the alignment of IT and business
  • Ensuring IT compliance
  • Ensuring professional integration of services and systems

Remedy Case Study 1-Multiple Remedy environments within same company across the globe

Problem Statement

  • Duplication of data
  • Big support team and co-ordination between them
  • Huge time to take decision to make the common change in all the environment
  • Teams availability for action at the common time

Benefits of Proposed Solution

  • Quick to take decision and implementation
  • less cost to maintain the system
  • Easy to track the data or reporting to management from centralized db

Proposed solution - Unified Solution system

  • Centralized system which will have standard process across the globe covering all important    standard functionality
  • Quick to take decision and implementation
  • less cost to maintain the system
  • Easy to track the data or reporting to management from centralized db.

Customer Feedback

  • Very happy to get one single report from system with correct and accurate data across the region
Remedy Case Study 2- Separate Reporting environment for Remedy Systems

Problem Statement

  • Long SQL query in Remedy reports which is causing slowness in Remedy.
  • Reporting queries and Remedy admin transactions were on same db.
  • Multiple outages due to improper database query in report. 

Benefits of Proposed Solution

  • High system availability to users
  • Fast and quick reporting due to dedicated database.

Proposed solution – Separate Reporting DB

  • Separate DB server which will have near real time data from actual production database
  • Improper reporting query will not impact Remedy user operations

Customer Feedback

  • Customer is impressed with our solution of separate reporting database as it increased the Remedy system availability

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