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Simplify your IT Services with business processes

The focus of the collaboration between the IT department and the business executives will continue to be the important, success-critical topics:

  • Aligning IT services with business processes
  • Automation of IT services
  • Continuous IT process optimization
  • Companies must establish agile and cost-efficient business processes in order to remain competitive in the rapidly changing markets. This can only succeed if the goals of business and IT are precisely aligned.

Automate processes

  • Modern ITSM solutions allow process automation at a high level. Frequently repetitive tasks or redundant processes should be automated. That way, you increase efficiency, save costs, and enable your employees to work smarter, not harder.
  • This increases the agility of your IT department: Highly qualified employees are no longer blocked by trivial tasks and can focus instead on strategic topics. At the same time, the error of manual tasks is reduced, which significantly improves the quality of service. This is confirmed to us again and again by numerous customer projects

Service Now Case Study - Remedy to Service Now migration

Problem Statement

  • BMC Remedy is an expensive solution to acquire, deploy and maintain, especially when other components of the ITSM suite are purchased.
  • BMC Remedy doesn't officially allow or list any thirdparty integrations on its portfolio.

Benefits of Proposed Solution

  • ServiceNow operates mostly on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, allowing for a framework you can build on or customize applications from directly from the cloud.
  • ServiceNow is an automation platform that requires a relatively small amount of configuration to get up and running which is central to their premise.

Proposed solution

  • ServiceNow platforms work entirely from the cloud and are owned and operated by ServiceNow itself. This allows to have a single system of record when integrating any new application or tool.
  • ServiceNow allows its customers to have the flexibility of adapting the platform to their specific needs with simple configuration tools on-demand. The changes can be implemented instantaneously.

Customer Feedback

  • Very well suited for ITSM. Standards based approach with simple and natural alignment with ITIL. - Very good reporting tools and going beyond simple obvious dashboards with multiplatform capabilities including mobile

Service Now Case Study

Problem Statement

  • Customer was using centrally-stored spreadsheets to manage various business processes. While a capable tool for personal work, spreadsheets prove cumbersome for group involvement. Once loaded with information, it becomes difficult to locate exactly what a person needs to know or see. Despite hosting in centralized repositories, such as SharePoint, version control quickly becomes an issue, and without automated workflow, it is difficult to ensure that information and requests get to the right people at the right time.

Benefits of Proposed Solution

  • The impressive results in productivity, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness

Proposed solution – Remedy upgrade in phases

  • With ServiceNow as a single system of record, Customer was able to solve the common issue of having a variety of separate tools and data
  • If someone has a problem, they can scan the code, and it will automatically generate an incident in ServiceNow.