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We Simplify your Master Data Management

Data management is very complex .data resides in variety of applications across the enterprises. It could be your CRM, ERP, HR, collaborative tools etc. You need data management solutions to centralize inconsistent, redundant and outdated data.

We use most modern data management tools to transform numerous data sources to powerful refined meaningful data. MDM software vendors like informatica, IBM, Oracle, SAP, provide master data solutions for entities like customer, Product, Vendors etc.

We help you to manage and govern your data which will bring new horizon of business insight

  • Customer
  • Vendor/ supplier
  • Product
  • Data relationship
  • Data governance
  • Metadata
  • Identity management

Master data solutions for Customer/Product/ vendor/supplier


  • Redundancy Elimination
  • Master Data Edits
  • Useful and Effective Data Analysis
  • Key Data Goes In
  • Authoritative Data
  • Data Consistency
  • Multiple Platforms
  • Flexibility
  • Easy Backup

Informatica customer 360

Prepare to compete on customer experience

Strategically manage and securely share customer information for great customer experience.

Streamline customer information management with a single, trusted source of business critical data for analytics and operations

Key Benefits

  • Build trusted customer profiles
  • Onboard customers centrally with guided workflows
  • Manage customer information strategically
  • Identify and explore customer relationships visually
  • Share data with applications and employees securely
  • Engage with customers more relevantly
  • Gain the speed and agility of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

SAP Master Data Governance

Central governance of Business Partner, Customer, and Supplier data

Consolidate and centrally govern the master data lifecycle to increase the quality and consistency of information across your organisation.

Gain a single, trusted view of your data and address digital, analytical, and operational challenges head on.

Key Features

  • Simplify enterprise data management
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership with a single solution that facilitates consolidation and central governance.

Master data solutions for salesforce crm

Enterprise grade master data management for salesforce

We help our customer to automate, integrate, Standardize and cleanse their data from different segment of business and present it in meaningful way to take right decision to accelerate their business.

Oracle Customer Hub

Oracle Customer Hub is designed to perform as a source of clean, complete, distinct and accurate customer data for the entire organizational enterprise.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Customer Data Model
  • Roles and Hierarchical Relationships
  • Vertical and Related Child Data Entities
  • Industry Variants: Includes Financial Services, High Tech, Communications, Higher Education, etc;

Software AG

A comprehensive master data management solution

Software AG’s web Methods One Data master data management solution provides “one version of the truth” when it comes to data, ensuring that only reliable, accurate and approved information is flowing through your systems, processes and applications.

Key Features

  • Analysis to quickly retrieve, consolidate, report and analyze metadata from current repositories
  • Modeling, enabling you to define your own data models or import existing models from other tools or databases
  • Reporting, using built-in wizards to create and publish reports, or interfacing with any third-party reporting tool to access OneData’s open and non-proprietary data repository
  • Acquisition and deployment, with capabilities and wizards that help you load structures and data from other applications or files, resolving and maintaining dependencies during the import data process
  • Repository, with three distinct database schemas—a metadata area, an authoring area and a release area—that are stored without any proprietary structures to help streamline integration with third-party tools
  • Management, including a broad range of features to help you browse and maintain repository contents and create and manage business-critical hierarchical structures

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