Managed Services

Schellden offer valuable resources to expedite your overall operational efficiency. Our Managed Services are designed to maximize your productivity, while minimizing the time and money spent to manage your IT infrastructure. 

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Application Maintenance and Support

Schellden Application Maintenance team works with clients to get the best out of existing IT applications.


The services span offshore-ability analysis, maintainability analysis, maintenance and enhancement and are delivered using the Global Delivery Model.

We use structured knowledge management tools and other IP developed by our team to enhance the life of client's systems and ensure that they evolve with the business, reduce system downtime and help to focus on strategic initiatives by minimizing the time spent on routine activities.

In the current environment, business practices, policies, and execution methodologies keep undergoing changes even as newer and better technologies emerge. In such a scenario, one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations is to manage IT to keep in step with the business, while capitalizing on current assets.

Schellden assists you in attaining the preceding task with its proven approaches to application maintenance. The range of these maintenance activities is from small fixes for existing defects to implementation of new business rules in an established product. Our team executes well-planned knowledge transition and product ramp-up processes to confirm that the offshore team completely understands the client’s product and business standpoint. If any changes are proposed to a system, we analyze the impact of these changes using its proven skills & use the outcome of this analysis to project the propagated effects to the other parts of the system. In any maintenance project, the impact analysis phase is important because it helps the client to comprehend the design and release effect on the product. Consequently, the client can make an accurate decision regarding implementation of any change.



  • Offshore and Onshore maintenance
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • Fine tuning the product functionality
  • Research, design, and implementation of new features


  • The business shouldn’t be effected
  • The performance of the software must be maintained (perfective maintenance)
  • The errors in specifications, design, and implementation must be corrected
  • The final product must also evolve to existence (evolution maintenance)

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