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We were hit by a bad virus in our office that encrypted hundreds of gigabytes of files. We reached out to our friends at Schellden, and they were able to pull the files off and make them readable again. They fixed everything!

Schellden is on a mission to help individuals and small businesses keep their data safe and secure. They help people protect their financial data and personal information, and their services are available to both residential and business clients.

For over 16 years we have been using Schellden to recover files and data from our hard drives. We've had great success with Schellden and recommend them to anyone in the DC area.

Schellden is a great resource in the area. They have recovered data for us at a very affordable rate.

After we experienced a hard drive crash that completely destroyed the data, we were in panic mode. We contacted Schellden, who has been extremely reliable and prompt at helping us recover our data. Their staff gave us options on how to best proceed. The entire process from the time we called them until the time they delivered our drive back to us was completed in less than a week. Thank you Data Recovery Labs!

We needed to recover data after a hardware failure. Data Recovery Labs provided the fastest service possible. I would recommend them to anyone. Schellden helps individuals and businesses to protect their data from online threats, accidental data loss, and viruses. Using only the most current and proven data recovery technologies, they restore individual files, entire disks, and partitions, even from corrupt or formatted hard drives, to previous working condition.

I had a failing hard drive. The best service, prompt service, and best price. Would highly recommend.

Our hard drive was completely destroyed with a virus. We are so happy that Data Recovery Labs gave us this excellent service.

Very fast, professional, and affordable. They saved our day. We had a hard drive failure and Schellden provided us with a fast and professional service. I recommend this company to anyone in need of hard drive recovery.