Schellden has developed a strategy that ensures its success by continuously pursuing excellence in all three core services offered by Schellden: colocation, cloud computing, and managed services.

In our portfolio of services, we have developed several colocation units to deliver the best quality, low latency, high availability, and reliable network links in our diverse, global customer locations. Our colocation customers enjoy cost savings, increased capacity, and more.

We believe in the cloud computing concept because we believe in Schellden and its ability to provide all customers access to the most cost-effective and flexible IT infrastructure available today. We believe our customers, not cloud technology, will ultimately determine the future of cloud computing.

Data Center Modernization
Data Center Modernization

We have made a decision to partner with world-class public cloud providers with proven track records of stability and security, and the ability to deliver world-class infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go model that is not only easy to deploy, but also easy to use. Schellden customers are able to leverage the full benefits of the world's leading public cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

The strategy Schellden has developed to deliver all of our core services will enable us to grow our business and continue to provide great value to our customers.

Schellden will continue to offer the most powerful and comprehensive service package available for private and public cloud-based datacenter solutions. Schellden customers have full control and ownership of their data and all Schellden services are subject to our Data and Network Security program.