The data center is critical infrastructure. It is designed to meet a set of standards of physical security and data integrity. Security is an integral part of every aspect of the data center. Security is also of critical importance in the operations and maintenance of a data center. It also directly impacts on your company’s bottom line. It is one of the most expensive operating expenses to maintain. You are required to perform ongoing compliance and risk analysis for security purposes.

The IT Operations and IT Security divisions must have access to each others information and resources. They are an inherent part of the operation of the overall business and IT environment. This relationship must be kept and monitored in accordance with the established data center security policy.

The business and IT divisions will generally provide a level of security commensurate with the risk of the facility or area in question. Some types of risk will require a very high level of security. Other types will require a lesser level. Some companies use a formal risk analysis

Data Center Modernization