With growing workload, the need for a resilient and centralized infrastructure for the delivery of various services is becoming more urgent. Cloud technologies are evolving to meet the needs of today’s IT-driven businesses, especially in the areas of Big Data analytics, security and networking. The combination of private and public clouds are creating new opportunities for delivering service to the Internet of Everything. With this evolution, it is imperative to deliver an application that is capable of supporting these technologies.

The most common solution to migrate from legacy private cloud deployments to a hybrid cloud is the use of the Network Service Virtualization solution, NSX-V. This migration enables you to migrate your existing application workloads from private cloud deployment to the cloud, by replicating the existing application infrastructure to the public cloud. The NSX-V solution creates network virtualization, and makes it possible to transport data and applications between private and public clouds. NSX-V is a software-based offering, and requires no hardware replacement. This enables a cost effective and more efficient migration of existing applications, and helps to improve and accelerate the time to market of new applications, as well as improve the management of your existing workloads.

Our NSX-V for VMware solution will help you to deliver services to the Internet of Things (IoT), provide secure and reliable connectivity to remote or mobile devices, as well as enabling you to consolidate your workloads into one private cloud offering while deploying a new application in a public cloud environment. It will also help you to deliver application workloads using a private network in a public cloud and also move the application workloads to a new private cloud, while using the Internet as the transport. NSX-V will help you to deliver the applications you have today, in the way you want them to be delivered, in a cost effective, efficient and agile way.