How does Storage Virtualisation help you?

A lot of businesses are moving to a cloud environment for their IT services. One of the major concerns is storage, which the business uses to store its data. So how does Storage Virtualisation help?

Virtualisation - what is it?

Virtualisation is a mechanism that allows you to create or run an application on an actual server in the form of a software application, rather than in a completely virtual environment.

There are two main types of virtualisation, namely, infrastructure-based virtualisation and software-based virtualisation. When you have infrastructure-based virtualisation, you have to actually buy or own physical servers; whereas, you need to only purchase the software required for the virtualisation mechanism.

Why do you need virtualisation?

Virtualisation is a major contributor to the cost of IT services, and also, it is the key reason behind the business moving towards the cloud. Storage-virtualisation is a part of the storage virtualisation solution that helps you save up to 60% of your money.

Why Storage Virtualisation?

In case you’re not already aware of this, storage virtualisation allows you to move the storage to the virtual machines, and run applications. Storage-virtualisation can help you to get your business to move its data to the virtual environments in the cloud. If you currently have your data stored in the business' datacentres, then you need to store it in the cloud.